First meeting

First meeting


After we have received an inquiry on the contact page or telephone calls from you,

we will book a free consultation.

We will hear from you shortly and will be happy to meet you at home or perhaps at the wedding venue, you decide for yourself.

You telling us about your wedding and how you thought that day would be.

We also want to take this opportunity to see that it "clicks" between us

and that you feel that we are right for you.

It is important for both you and us as that day should feel really good and we want to give you the absolute best result in nice picture memories.

When you have told us how you are thinking, we talk about how we usually work.

We both photograph for the price of one and it is not possible that we get several different angles and more opportunities to capture fine moments.

Then we women and men have a little different view of things can not come from.

Lotta focuses on details, table settings. decorations, close-ups of emotions in meetings and

Jan is responsible for the portraits and stands next to the couple at the wedding ceremony.

We both love to catch moments and know from experience that many couples and friends just appreciate the unexpected moments and when nobody is prepared for it.

Please hear from you so we design a wedding photographer just for you, our prices are examples of different options but no wedding is the same

Lotta & Janne