Wedding day

Wedding day


We want to show how we work during the various moments during the wedding day



Here we are from the beginning in the morning and meet at a hair studio, barbershop, hotel room or in your home where you get help with hair set, makeup, upholstery and taking on the wedding dress.

We focus on feelings of joy, excitement and some nervousness, photographing details and how the hairstyle begins to take shape. Make-up and then take on the clothes.

There are many nice picture memories and we have dark that these pictures are popular and give nice memories for life.

Wedding Act

When all preparations are ready and in some cases the portraits are taken, the big moment is inside. It is a little annoying and you can really feel how the mood increases.

We have already prepared ourselves on site and receive when guests arrive.

Many wonderful moments emerge and when the guests sit down we take a seat in the church / wedding venue.

Jan has talked to the wedding attendant / priest and asked himself where it goes well in front of the bride and groom.

Lotta takes pictures from behind and more clearly on the spot.

When the act starts, we take the opportunity to photograph both the bridal couple and the guests' reactions and of course the "kiss".

Lotta has already photographed details at the wedding venue before the act, while Jan is photographing the guests.

Afterwards, we focus on the reception and the free calls, there will be a lot of emotions so even the photographers have several times had to dry their eyes.

You must be prepared for that.

The portraits

When we come to the portraits, it is made after your choice

before or after the wedding ceremony.

We have already prepared / booked the places we have agreed upon well in advance.

It may feel a little annoying to this but we promise you that we will help get you relaxed and especially when we have been with throughout the day.

It's good if we can get at least 1 hour of time for the photography and depending on how long distances it is to the places and if we have to hold a special time for dinner then it is best to count on 1.5 - 2 hours.

Details as well as dinner and party

When the wedding act, the portraits and the guests' free calls are ready, we go to the party site for a bridal bowl.

Of course, we photograph this ach of the bride and groom's different ways of getting there.

We have been involved in everything from helicopter, boat, limosine, horse and sleigh car, tough cars to driving the couple in our car and everything has been a fantastic experience.

Lotta then fits in to the party room before you sit down and photograph the table setting, details, creations, the table location.

We then photograph when you sit down to the table.

Lotta has the ability to get into the kitchen before serving and photograph both the menu, the dishes and some staff there.

Jan is ideal for photographing guests, speakers, bowls and moments / mood around.

We keep a little in the dark but show up when you least expect it not to be in the way.

We usually have a close contact with Toastmastern and are prepared for any special surprises. Yes, when the dinner is finished, it is usually time to cut up the wedding cake and we keep a little nicer. Then a couple of couples usually choose to make a wedding roll and then run the party running, we stay as long as we have decided with you.