Price list

Offer / proposal

The prices of our wedding packages always include a free consultation - a meeting between us. Either at home or at the wedding venue.

There we tell you how we usually work and you can tell us how the wedding is planned.

We then make all preparations through visits to the place we are going to be at and then take test pictures and prepare with portable studio flashes if needed.

We keep in touch with you until the wedding and it can be things like sending pictures between us to check what kind of pictures you want.

Yes, please check the exact times.

When the wedding is finished and we take home all the pictures, we are already the next day to start our editing.

Within 2 weeks you have the pictures sent home.

Any paintings and albums may be a little later.

The images are delivered according to agreement digitally on fast USB flash drives or DVDs where we split them into different formats.

TIFF files high definition for magnifications / paintings jpg files in smaller format for websites / internet.

All pictures come in color and then we make arrangements with you if you want copies in black and white and sepia.

Should the wedding be far from the Stockholm area, we will make an agreement on overnight accommodation and compensation, but we will go there with our own company car without fees

Prices for photographing the wedding

No wedding is the same, and of course we design our photography according to your wishes.

Here are some suggestions for different engagement.

We then go through this together at the first free meeting.

We photograph before the wedding ceremony when guests arrive and possibly "mingle" before, time spent about half an hour.

Portrait before or after the act, depending on your own wishes, takes about one hour.

Wedding Act We continue with the dinner where we photograph the creations / food & wedding / guests at the table.

It is also about one hour of photography at the table.

We supply 200 high resolution digital and carefully edited images in the format TIFF / jpg in both sRGB and RGB color scheme, either on DVD or USB memory for both computer / website.

If it is possible to order paper copy / enlargement, additional costs will be added depending on size.

Images can be obtained in color, black and white or sepia by arrangement.

Price 14 000 SEK


In this "package" we follow you on request throughout the day-night. 

We photograph the bride's makeup / hairdressing.

Possible transport / car / transport yes car / horses / motorcycles and more to the wedding venue.

The guests' entrance and reception / meeting between the guests, where we focus on just emotions / joy in the meeting.

The portrait preview, before or after the wedding act, then we want to have your own time with you. If you have children, they are of course welcome.

Wedding Act.

After the deed meeting / congratulations / feelings between bridal couples.

We photograph the environment around, outdoors / indoors. Creations / food / flowers / gift table / decor / place cards.

We take part in the dinner, wedding couple / guests at the table & speakers / songs / performances and more.

If you want, we are still at any party in the beginning and it is usually popular with a photo of the bridal couple's dance or if there is any surprise for the bride and groom.

We agree on the closing time with available during the evening as desired.

On some occasions we have returned in the evening to take pictures at sunset with the bride and the parents / family, which is usually very popular.

We deliver 400 high resolution carefully edited digital images in TIFF / jpg format in both sRGB for Computer / website and RGB for hard copy.

Comes in DVD or USB memory.

Here you get a finished wedding album (photo album) with 24 pictures in.

Max 10 hours of photography. For 1500kr an hour we continue as long as it is needed.

Pictures are available in Color, Black and White or Sepia.

Price  22 000 SEK

This package includes

Full Day but with unlimited hours during the wedding day-late evening and the same type of photography.

What we offer is more pictures: 600 high resolution and carefully edited digital in TIFF / jpg format in both sRGB and RGB carefully edited for both Computer / website and for enlarged paper copy.

Here you also get a finished wedding album (photo album) with 24 pictures in.

We also offer a board with selected wedding portraits in Canvas in the size 70 x 50 cm and 40 mm wedge frame.

Can choose another frame in similar price. All this within no later than 3 weeks delivery time.

Price 27000 SEK