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We help you with photography of the wedding

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We have split it up so you will see the different parts of the wedding and then on the

Portfolion show some examples of our days with the bride and groom.

Please contact us on the contact page or call us and we will answer your questions and can then book you for a free consultation.

Here we are 2 cohabitants and very committed photographers who are passionate about what we do. We always work together at the wedding for the price of one.

Hello and warm welcome to Rönnlunds photo

Jan started our company at the end of 2011 and then did many different types of photo jobs.

When we met and became a couple several years ago, we have for the most part cooperated in weddings / baptisms and portraits both privately and in companies.

We work together best when we make the wedding when Lotta with his feelings captures details, environments, creations, food and guests while Jan is responsible for the portraits, is closest to the act and captures moments.

We have found a concept that our customers like and have many who will return. See our presentation "About us"

Please contact us via the contact page or call us and we promise to return to you quickly. If you have plans to get married and need some advice, we have built up several contacts over the years and we also work with companies that both rent out premises and can arrange and service you during the wedding.

Vi gör allt för att ert

Wedding will get the best prictures memorie.