Portfolio with picture examples from some weddings we photographed

We have chosen to post quite a few pictures from these weddings.

We know that other photographers are a bit more restrained when it comes to this.

The purpose is to try to give as fair a perception as possible of what you get with you for image memories home.

Of course, all the more private and perhaps a little sponate / playful pictures are not here.

Here you make a special arrangement for your wedding

Hug Lotta & Janne

We had to follow Andrea & Sebastian when they married in Katarina church

at Söder in Stockholm.

After a little portrait in the nerd of the Church we continued to fantastic

Bergendals Castle in Sollentuna.

There we continued with the portraits and then it became a party at the place.

We really had to be with a full day that turned into late night ..

Many lovely pictures as memory became it and the bride and groom

were absolutely fantastic.

Definitely sure they had the best day ... we've put up many pictures but want to show how it can look like on a whole day.

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Here are pictures from Sara & Fredriks wedding in 2023 at Tylösand.

The party was at Per Gessles hotel in Tylösand. 2 very humble and nice people who gave us a huge "boost".

We got so much positive energy and here we show some of the pictures we took.

It was a full weekend before we went home. click on the picture below

Here we want to show a wedding from 2017 with the couple Sofia & Jimmy.

It is one of our all-day weddings but a little specially adapted of course.

Two wonderful people who we got to know as very humble and nice to each other. They have since the wedding acquired a child and we have been allowed to follow their journey and soon it is time for Dop 

It feels like it doesn't end here but we just hope to follow them further

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After a weekend in Lofsdalen with this fantastic couple, there were a lot of nice picture memories.

They brought the whole family and good friends with them and lived in the hotel opposite the hill.

It was everything from apres ski party, a whole wedding day with everything it means to the last day of the ski slope.

We are so grateful for everything we have to be with them and all nice and grateful people.

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Here are some pictures from the wedding with the couple Tore & Jennifer at Larssons Lada in Nykvarn July 2022 where we were with all day.

Started with preparations in the barn and on to Taxinge castle where we took the portraits.. It really is a photographer's dream with that nature around the castle.

The day was very hot and the sun was shining brightly.Just as much, the bride and groom who really offered up both quiet beautiful pictures with even more mischief and it ended with a dip in the silver wedding dress.

We have rarely seen anything like it, but we will never forget this whole day.

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